DVIHDMICables.com was created to be an informational resource about DVI/HDMI/SVGA Cables and Adapters with the intentions to provide enough information to simplify the sometimes confusing task of selecting the proper adapter or cable for your particular application. Here, along with a graphic chart of connectors, you will find charts of all possible cable and adapter assemblies to help you determine what is and what isn't feasible when trying to hook up your digital or analog devices.

Refer to this chart of digital video connectors to determine which connector is which.  This chart will help you to easily identify what type of cable you are working with or which type you will need to buy.  Pay close attention to the pin configurations that set these connectors apart from one another.

This section incorporates a chart of all possible digital video cable connections.  If you have two video devices that you want to hook together, please refer to this chart to see if a cross technology compatibility exists.  For instance, you will not find a DVI-A to DVI-D cable in this section because this cable simply does not exist.

The adapter assemblies chart, as with the Cable Assemblies section, lists all possible digital video adapter connections.  If you can not find the adapter assembly that you are looking for on this chart, chances are this adapter does not exist as the technologies or transmission methods are incompatible.